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Diatreta d.o.o.

Diatreta is a company founded in Belgrade as a subsidiary of the construction company IGP Fidija from Podgorica.

It was created primarily with the desire to try to use the 35 years of experience gained by the parent company in the execution of construction works throughout Montenegro, both capital public buildings and own investments, to prove and leave our mark even in the complex and challenging market of a metropolis like Belgrade.


After the successful first investment in Nevesinjska 1a, which was a "trial balloon" for all further activities, the construction of a luxury building at the neighboring location Nevesinjska 1, which should set new construction standards in this recognizable part of Belgrade, soon began.

Certainly, our further intention is not to stop there because our professional team and company that employs over 120 people guarantees the ability for further development and expansion with the intention of leaving a deep mark in the area of housing construction in Belgrade.


Our professional and experienced team provides all types of consulting services to legal entities and individuals.


Preparation and control of technical documentation and supervision over the construction of facilities.


Professional and competent staff for performing of all types of work in structural engineering and civil engineering.

Real estate transactions

Functional and well-equipped living and business premises in attractive locations.


The two buildings in Nevesinjska Street are just the beginning, because new projects are already being developed...

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A ventilated facade can be defined as an external cladding and protection method for buildings, which consists of a cavity between the structural wall of the building and its facade lining. The adjective 'ventilated' is used because the cavity allows natural and continuous ventilation of the wall of the building, similar to the chimney effect (cold air enters from the bottom and exits warm at the top). Therefore, with 'air circulation' on the wall, the usual humidity and typical condensation of traditional facades is avoided and greater insulation comfort is achieved.

In terms of thermal energy, ventilated facades reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the building in hot weather conditions due to the partial reflection of a solar radiation by the sheath, ventilated air layer and due to the application of insulating materials (hard-pressed rock wool), thereby significantly reducing the cost of air conditioning in the facility. On the other hand, in winter, ventilated walls manage to retain heat, which leads to savings in terms of heating. The ventilated facade guarantees a high level of comfort.


Facade joinery (glass walls, windows and balcony doors) are made entirely in accordance with the latest standards in this field. The profiles are of aluminum, with a large recessed depth of the door frame combined with triple low-emission glass, which are used exclusively in highly insulated structures, meeting the standards of a passive house (grade A +). The large glass walls on the living rooms and bedrooms give a full view toward the terrace and the external natural surroundings.


The front security doors are armored and provide the maximum degree of burglary and fire protection. The safe-type lock with three-way and six-point locking also has three fixed pins to block hinges, with high sound insulation. High quality interior doors are made of laminated wood, with a door frame covered with 6mm thick median panel and with door fittings with three hidden hinges and the highest quality magnetic lock. A coloured MDF is used for the finishes of the wings and door frames.

Floor and Wall Coverings

In accordance with the top quality equipment of the complete facility, as the final covering of the floors of living rooms, hallways and bedrooms, parquet made of the highest quality oak, large formats and top finishing will be applied, thus providing a safe and quality finished product keeping the natural quality of wood. It is characterized by exceptional mechanical properties, durability and perfect color shades.

Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and toilets will be completely covered with the top quality granite ceramics made of large tiles, which will meet the high aesthetic requirements of the most demanding users.