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Nevesinjska 1?



and functional.

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In the Very Heart of Belgrade

In the very heart of Belgrade, in Vračar, where the ancient and the modern merge in a unique way, at the place of combining traditional and cosmopolitan spirit, an ideal place was chosen for the construction of a luxury residential and business building. The building will be located on the corner of Makenzijeva and Nevesinjska street, perhaps one of the most beautiful residential streets. Nevesinjska street is recognizable by the width of the street zone sunbathed throughout the day, by charming cafes and restaurants located in a unique green oasis. Close to the famous and now modernly decorated Kalenić green market, the magnificent Church of Saint Sava, with kindergartens, schools, playgrounds, hospitals, theaters and other facilities in the immediate vicinity, which make this location an ideal place to live.


The structure of the object

The building will have 3 underground floors with parking spaces and technical rooms, then the ground floor with bars and shops, entrance hall and concierge for apartment owners. On the first floor, there are business premises that are accessed via an independent entrance from the street of Makenzijeva. The remaining seven floors consist of residential units organized in the form of two, three, four and five-room apartments. Parking spaces are provided for all tenants in the underground garage, which can be accessed via two car lifts.


Top Quality Materials

The halls and apartments are equipped with prestigious equipment and finishing materials of top quality and design, in accordance with the aesthetics we pursue. A professional team of architects, interior designers, as well as other professionals who implement our project, are part of a different concept of housing that we create. Solutions for your space are combination of ideas, design and aesthetic skills that will synchronize the exterior and interior of the building. Our aesthetics are based on clean, simple forms, ennobled with luxurious details, light and greenery.



A ventilated facade can be defined as an external cladding and protection method for buildings, which consists of a cavity between the structural wall of the building and its facade lining. The adjective 'ventilated' is used because the cavity allows natural and continuous ventilation of the wall of the building, similar to the chimney effect (cold air enters from the bottom and exits warm at the top). Therefore, with 'air circulation' on the wall, the usual humidity and typical condensation of traditional facades is avoided and greater insulation comfort is achieved. In terms of thermal energy, ventilated facades reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the building in hot weather conditions due to the partial reflection of a solar radiation by the sheath, ventilated air layer and due to the application of insulating materials (hard-pressed rock wool), thereby significantly reducing the cost of air conditioning in the facility. On the other hand, in winter, ventilated walls manage to retain heat, which leads to savings in terms of heating. The ventilated facade guarantees a high level of comfort.

facade joinery

External and Internal Joinery

Facade joinery (glass walls, windows and balcony doors) are made entirely in accordance with the latest standards in this field. The profiles are of aluminum, with a large recessed depth of the door frame combined with triple low-emission glass, which are used exclusively in highly insulated structures, meeting the standards of a passive house (grade A +). The large glass walls on the living rooms and bedrooms give a full view toward the terrace and the external natural surroundings.

The front security doors are armored and provide the maximum degree of burglary and fire protection. The safe-type lock with three-way and six-point locking also has three fixed pins to block hinges, with high sound insulation. High quality interior doors are made of laminated wood, with a door frame covered with 6mm thick median panel and with door fittings with three hidden hinges and the highest quality magnetic lock. A coloured MDF is used for the finishes of the wings and door frames.

final coverings

Floor and Wall Coverings

In accordance with the top quality equipment of the complete facility, as the final covering of the floors of living rooms, hallways and bedrooms, parquet made of the highest quality oak, large formats and top finishing will be applied, thus providing a safe and quality finished product keeping the natural quality of wood. It is characterized by exceptional mechanical properties, durability and perfect color shades. Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and toilets will be completely covered with the top quality granite ceramics made of large tiles, which will meet the high aesthetic requirements of the most demanding users.


Bathroom Equipment - sanitary ware and accessories

We start and end each new day in the bathroom. That is why we have paid special attention to this premise and its furnishing, so that every bathroom of your future apartment exudes comfort. We tried to choose the best quality world-recognizable manufacturers of sanitary ware and accessories, in addition to the indisputable functionality of each element, to enable our future users to enjoy superior aesthetics because we know that carefully planned bathrooms differ and make an impression.

energy efficient

Heating and Cooling

The residential heating and cooling system is provided by an individual system of highly efficient air-to-water heat pumps for each residential unit separately. Heat pumps are the product of a renowned worldwide company, the latest technological generation, and provide safe heating and cooling even at extreme temperatures (up to - 20 C in winter and up to + 45 C in summer). This system provides the user with complete flexibility, energy efficiency, control and energy savings throughout the year, which ranges from 60% -85% in regards to traditional heating and cooling systems.

The technical solution of indoor heating and cooling of each room consists of modern and ultra-thin wall fancoils, which provides the best possible distribution of warm (cold) air in the rooms. Such solution, with electronic temperature control via wall touch-screen panels in every room and remote control and command via android (iOS) applications, provides comfort to the user and superior air conditioning/natural airflow, without noise and dust. The floors in the bathrooms, kitchens and terraces are equipped with an independent, manageable underfloor heating system.

controling system

Smart Home system

The Smart-home system includes an automated and wireless way to control the devices in your apartment. Control is performed by directly giving a command on the phone or tablet, as well as setting the time schedule for each of the supported functions. In each apartment, it is possible to control the lighting, heating and cooling system, blinds. Smart-home technology, also known as home automation, has the task of providing home security, comfort and energy efficiency. With the installed smart-home system, in addition to making life easier, you save energy, water and other resources, because you use them more efficiently.

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