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The building is located in one of the most beautiful streets in Vračar, which makes it a perfect place for your home

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    About project

    Why Nevesinjska 1?

    In the very heart of Belgrade, in Vračar, where the ancient and the modern merge in a unique way, at the place of combining traditional and cosmopolitan spirit, an ideal place was chosen for the construction of a luxury residential and business building.

    The start of construction of the project is in November 2023
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    10 minutes

    City center

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    Public transport

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    7 minutes

    Health centre

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    A modern apartment that offers comfort and style, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms

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      About the investor


      The company “Diatreta” was established in Belgrade at the end of 2015 with the idea and desire to transfer everything that the name itself represents, i.e. the top aesthetics and shape, luxury and a perfect combination of the best materials, to the domain of structural engineering.

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      About us

      Elegance, quality and luxury.

      Diatreta offers a unique combination of engineering, construction and design solutions. We build projects with distinct beauty and identity in harmony with the natural environment.


      Modernly equipped space

      Our team is looking for innovative solutions that will contribute to the quality of your everyday life. We apply the latest solutions in the field of technique and technology in order to achieve home security, energy efficiency...

      Position of entrance

      The main residential entrance and vehicular access to the car lifts for the garage is planned from Nevesinjska street. There is also a second independent entrance from Mackenzie Street, through which you can access the business premises on the first floor. The first two above-ground floors are planned for business facilities. The premises on the ground floor are accessed directly from the sidewalk along Nevesinjska and Mackenzie Street.

      Main residential entrance

      The main residential entrance is from Nevesinjska Street, where you can reach the vertical core with a staircase and an elevator through the access hall and windbreak. It is functionally connected by floors to a corridor oriented to the inner courtyard. From the corridor you enter apartments of different structures. Vertical communication has a technical exit to a flat - green roof.


      The selected materials are in accordance with the technological requirements, valid regulations and standards, and the specific properties of the materials must be proven by valid certificates. The basic material of the construction will be reinforced concrete, and the facade cladding is planned for the largest area in facade brick in two chromatic tones. The facade walls will be designed in block brick with all layers of thermal insulation, partly in ceramic or similar composite material, and in plaster treatment. The fences are planned as glass, and the facade joinery is aluminum with thermopan glass.

      The business premises will be infrastructurally equipped with the following installations:

      * Hydrotechnical installations - Water supply and sewage installations
      * Electric power installations - EEG, Telecommunication and signaling - TKS and structural cable systems - SKS.
      * Machine KGH installations (air conditioning, heating and cooling installations)

      completed projects
      built m²

      Business premises

      Luxurious business premises in an attractive location adaptable to many activities.

      Area of business premises

      850 m²

      Sold out

      670 m²

      Number of premises



      On request

      Number of apartments
      Nevesinjska 1

      Details on project

      The ideal place for you. We have combined ancient and modern, traditional and cosmopolitan in a unique way.

      Total gross area

      6948 m²

      Total net surface area

      4000 m²

      Area of business premises

      850 m²

      Number of apartments


      Number of premises


      Number of parking slots


      Number of parking slots for persons with special needs


      Total area of greenery

      262 m²

      Nevesinjska 1


      7. location
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      Nevesinjska 1,
      Beograd, Srbija


      +381 63 7108028